Happy Anniversary: Mom and Dad


I guess you could say I take after my mother. A woman who is notorious for losing birthday cards or sending them months later, possibly even the next year. Naturally it's no surprise then that I am a day late in wishing my parents a Happy 27th Anniversary. I thought I would share a few things I have taken away from watching their relationship.    


7 Things I Learned Through My Parent's Marriage

  1. Always give a hug after there has been a particular hard day at work. Coming home to a hug or kiss at the end of a long day can go a long ways
  2. Go for a walk. When my mom asks my dad to walk the dog with her, even though it's freezing and the game is on he will usually go. They might be walking a faster pace to get home quicker but it's still time spent together.
  3. It's ok to spend time apart. My mom will go visit friends, travel on trips, help out neighbors. They were never attached at the hip growing up, they each had their own things they liked to do.
  4. Family time is important. They both know what family means to each other, we all do. So it is important especially as kids get older to make time for family and memories. Even if that means letting a drunk use your daughter's professional camera to take a family picture next to a tank late at night on Christmas Eve.
  5. Stay young together. I remember being mortified at a college open house because they were wearing feather boas over at a Photo Booth. They still have fun and don't take life too seriously.
  6. Laugh with each other. There have been many times when they will witness each other do some clearly questionable things but they just laugh it off and mention not to put that moment of stupidity in their eulogy.
  7. And finally the key to any lasting marriage: have a dessert plan. If they go out to dinner and she orders water, then that means dessert is a must. Money was saved on the drink for that slice of pie that they'll "split."

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, thank you for being such a great example of how a marriage should be!