Food Photos: Then vs Now

When I was in college, I did not shoot food. That was the one territory I didn't dabble in. Quite frankly most of my adult diet still looks like the kid's menu (Dino nuggets included on those particularly rough days of adulthood). 

We had assignments of course where the subject was to photograph food. For example, the doughnut or bagel assignment lead to me not using conventional food photography methods and putting my own spin on it. In the world of food and styling I had no clue what I was doing. Rather then learn the rules to break them, I just did what I had to do to pass the assignment.

 While adorable and fun, I had no idea how to work with food.

While adorable and fun, I had no idea how to work with food.

Fast forward and I have worked with world renowned chefs, food stylists, and restaurants. As an intern my primary job was working with the Food and Beverage team so you can imagine how they played out the first couple of shoots. I have made HUGE leaps and bounds since I started working with food and even have expanded my palette slightly (nothing too crazy but the rule is you have to at least TRY it.) 

I wanted to share my very first attempt at food photography to where I am now. A reminder to everyone that you have to start somewhere. I knew I wasn't good and I love being good at what I do. You just keep doing it and find out what you like. Even now I am still constantly learning and pushing to do more. 

Honestly the first step is just getting up and doing it. So go ahead kids, ignore your parents play with your food!

Thanks for looking! :-)